Jash Entertainment: Providing the Best of Experience with Exceptional Quality of Work

Technological Development across all industries has reshaped the way business is carried out. It is of paramount importance for businesses to be on par with the latest technological advancement and processes that help enhance the overall operations. From basic requirements to advanced solutions, technology has made methods of application simpler till the end result. Even the execution of any project or process can be carried out efficiently with effective use of technology and its timely acceptance.

It is the same story with the gaming industry today. The Indian gaming industry is going through a revolution with the advent of technological solutions that are set to change the market potentially enhancing its presence. A lot of companies are garnering attention by making a difference in the industry.

Corporations are coming up with innovative gaming solutions, elevating the curiosity amongst potential gamers and new users who would be interested in trying the newly available game-tech in the market. From conventional gaming methods to modern digital gaming experience through various platforms, many organizations are striving to provide its users or customers a set of versatile services. One such company is Jash Entertainment.

Established in mid 2012, JashEntertainment was started with highly creative and enthusiastic young professionals with the vision to generate good business volumes. These professionals wanted to achieve success by hitching up the magic of emerging technology like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). The company strives to deliver the needs of tomorrow within today. “We are a team of talented, well-groomed engineers and creative designers with the latest innovative ideas and concepts,” says the Vice President of JashEntertainment, Ms. Chitrangana Toshniwal

Rise of JashEntertainment,

The company is one of the most promising and fastest growing AR/VR Development companies all over India whose foundation is laid on maximising business with minimum re- sources. Its mission is to providing emerging technology services to all type of business, either it’s big or small. Jash Entertainment's focus is on bridging the gap between the client’s business model and their customers with cost- friendly technology.

In a very short duration, the company has earned the trust and respect of various organizations. These client organizations differ from fast-moving startups to already established brands and Jash Entertainment's team helps them by providing the solution for their business needs through its services. Its palette of prominent services includes:

Dynamics of Gaming Market & Jash Entertainment

Gaming market has always been on an upscale graph since it started. When Nehal was a child, there were retro games available in the market around that time. After that, Play Stations (PS1, PS2, and PS3), Xbox 360, and Xbox one all came into the market with up-gradation in the gaming market. This is the time for VR gaming with consoles now. The combination of VR and console will definitely uplift the gaming market as people would love to have an experience that sets the gaming zone apart. Gaming market will always be on the leading graph with the latest technological advancement.

According to Ms. Chitrangana Toshniwal, there is no cut throat competition in the industry as of yet. “I always see competition as a challenge and if it is a challenge there’s an opportunity,” she informs. Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) has opened up many ports into gaming. The company has already built a few games in AR / VR for clients and is working on some awesome in-house AR/VR games.

The company is providing client services and creating awesome content in- house as well. As a service provider, its goal is to be a part of the client’s success journey. AR/VR and gaming are not just technologies but it is a passion for each team member of Jash Entertainment Studio.